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We travel to a retreat location of mutual selection, and spend 3-5 days in a deep dive into the heart of the Sacred Mystery of Reality. This is a more advanced Intensive, with high level arts similar to those in the Weekend Intensive above, but with more practices, applications, and engagement.

One-on-one focus will also be provided to each participant during certain windows throughout the experience. Team bonding and organizational development will be provided for those groups working to align around a project, Company, or mission.

Rates for this engagement start at $444 per person. An evening intro and two full days are included, then it is $111 more for each additional day (up to 5). As the Host who is locally promoting and filling this event, you will receive 1/3 of the total income (starting at $3996 for 9 people), for a starting rate at $1332. Travel and lodging for Adam Apollo is also covered by the Host.

If the event is locally catered, Host will provide an upcharge option to attendees and organize the catering, as well as the financial split.


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