Through this research, experimentation, and theoretical exploration I propose the following:

That a direct conversion principle between Electromagnetism and Gravity exists within certain geometric forms, states of spin, and properties of resonance.

Standing-waveforms of frequency can adjust the subatomic structure of the fabric of space-time, and this adjustment can occur between “octaves” of scale (macro states can affect micro states through resonance).

A two-dimensional “ring” of frequency positions can establish a three-dimensional spherical field, and change the properties of that field through adjusting its state of resonance.

Certain geometries and frequency sets are capable of adjusting certain specific aspects or properties of a quantum field embedded within the fabric of space-time, while others are capable of adjusting different aspects or properties.

The position of a relative observer is established by reference points within a designated “surface area” surrounding that observer, which acts as a holographic hypersurface, describing all space-time information related to that observer’s position.

Changing the quantum state of the gravitational field (and thus the fabric of space-time) in a spherical surface surrounding an observer will change the reference information structure “describing” that observer’s location, which will in actuality change the location or position of that observer within the fabric of space-time without acceleration or relative motion through intermediary positions.


Electromagnetic fields in certain states of resonance can create Gravity / Antigravity envelopes, and Teleport an object to any other location in space-time once a neutral (zero-point) Gravitational Envelope surrounds that object.

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