A 3rd to 4th Dimensional shift can be looked at as a very specific Energetic transition in individuals from a Solar-Plexus centered awareness to a Heart centered awareness…Individual Mind to the Eternal Gateway…Transcending the Mind… This is the leap to the 4th Dimension as it is often described (and more often misinterpreted).

In a sense, this is simply an awakening of an awareness that accepts Being out of Time, or Being All Time. Such a shift is such a huge leap for some that it takes a long time to process and integrate all the ramifications of being able to send and receive information beyond the perceived limitations of space-time. This state is also the bridge point, where an individual suddenly realizes that they can experience themselves and another simultaneously. This is the gift of the Heart, to unite the Self and Other in a state of Union. On this Dimensional layer, this experience may not be understood, nor may its origin even be perceived, it is simply felt. This initiates a new cycle of unlocking the Throat, Third-Eye and Crown.

The Throat Center or Communication Center is about recognizing the True meaning of Communication. Our relationship to all existence unfolds through the Language of Consciousness, and when we learn this Language, we begin to discover perfect patterns inherent within every “conversation.” This is 5th Dimensional consciousness, recognition of Divine Will, and Communion with It. On this Dimensional layer, we begin to recognize that we are not only connected to Others in a very Physical sense through swimming in the pool of spacetime together, but that our actions ripple through these waters. We begin to recognize that our Voices resonate both inside of Time, and outside of the boundaries of Matter. Our ideas can be shared instantaneously, and our actions perceived physically, even by those who are thousands of miles away. We even begin to see how our actions in the distant past can affect us in the Present.

The Third Eye or Spiritual Center unfolds through our awareness of the Spiritual Vibration infusing all of the crystalline fabric of space-time. This awareness gives us a sense of the Song of Existence, and we suddenly Feel the flow of the Universe in its many permutations. This feeling allows us to directly relate to the Source through our own Emotional Vibration, and deepens our Trust or Faith in its Divine Love. This Dimensional layer opens our awareness to each Other’s vibration, and we begin to perceive the way that slight changes in our emotional field ripple through the fabric of consciousness. We begin to tune into the frequency changes of others, both in our local space and in distant places. We start to see ourselves constantly in communion, naked in this shared emotional space. This is a transition of great vulnerability and transparency, and is a powerful point of choice when one decides to either remain open, Honest, and transparent, or cloak themselves in shadow, trying to hide what is within them from others, and often from themselves.

Finally, the Crown or Singularity Center (as I often call it) aligns us with the complete state of Absolute Truth and Trust in everything in every Moment. This Trust goes beyond a feeling, or a confirmation externally, it is simply Known. This Knowing preceeds all feeling and manifestation, and continuously blooms further and further as we are willing to allow ourselves to dissolve in Divine Mind. On this Dimensional layer we begin to perceive everything in it perfect patterns. We notice the Divine speaking to us through signs, showing us our Eternal Destinies reflected in each and every thought, feeling, and physical experience that comes our way. All doubt that everything is perfect fades, and this knowing flows forth from us in the radiance of confidence, awakening the Core of our Solar Plexus. This is the space where all of our minds are in communion, and where all knowledge can be known.

In Truth, this is an awakening of 7th Dimensional or Celestial Consciousness, and all further Dimensional awakenings are actually facets of its Eternal Unfolding, and always relate to a higher-harmonic of one of the lower Dimensional centers. 8th Dimensional consciousness is simply a bridge between these experiences of awareness in the Past and Future. 9th Dimensional consciousness links the Past and Future back in to the Eternal Present, weaving every experience ever had into every experience being created. Eternal Self.

10th Dimensional consciousness once again bridges the Eternal Self with the Eternal Mystery of the Other, while 11th Dimensional awareness begins to identify and define that Mysterious Other into an actual Eternal Presence and Being. 12th Dimensional consciousness connects back to 6th, where interaction with that being is experienced in Time. 13th begins to Unify the experience in Time through Mental perception…and so on and so forth, cycling back through each of the basic principles activating multiple layers simultaneously.

This is a very simplified exploration, but I trust it weaves some of the principles to aid in understanding these transitions, and translating the often obscure definitions we may come across in our learning journey.

Aloha Ke Akua
Adam Apollo

Image: Early dimensional sketch from when I was 17.

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