Visionary Arts Foundation


Founded and steered by a leadership council of visionary artists and supporters, the Visionary Arts Foundation is designed to educate the public about visionary arts, promote and enable visionary artists, as well as introduce and distribute art to new markets on an international scale.  The primary mission of the Foundation is to serve the shared intention and vision of its artist constituents, and empower them to create and share their artwork on a larger scale.As a 501c3 organization, the Visionary Arts Foundation will be able to receive tax-deductable donations from philanthropic supporters of the visionary arts.  In turn, it can purchase art from visionary artists, provide grants to artists, students and apprentices, as well as fund essential projects related to the development and distribution of visionary arts.

The Visionary Arts Foundation officially represents the visionary arts community, providing an inclusive forum for artists to determine what defines the visionary arts, and create guidelines for inviting new artists into the community. The Foundation offers context, professionalism, and unity to a diverse group of individual artists.

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June 14, 2011