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Adam Apollo met Robert Grant as he joined the Resonance Academy as a faculty member at the Delegate Gathering in Egypt during October of 2017. They became friends on this adventure, and the following year, Robert sent him a two page paper proposing a solution to identify Prime Numbers to infinity. His novel analysis led Adam Apollo to become concerned about the impact of this discovery on one of the most fundamental standards in encryption: RSA. The ability to easily identify large prime numbers, and subsequently factor them, would make prime or factor based encryption highly vulnerable, and Adam shared his thoughts about this with Robert. 

At the Resonance Academy Gathering in Peru, Robert Grant invited Adam Apollo to join him in creating a new encryption company. In December of 2018, Adam Apollo joined the Crown Sterling team, and set out to support Grant in build a new encryption system that could replace the encryption systems used in nearly every sector of online security. Adam Apollo contributed to the shared mission and vision development of the company, which is founded on a commitment to providing Data Sovereignty for all.

The new encryption system is known as TIME AI.

Adam Apollo has provided comprehensive branding development for Crown Sterling and TIME AI, building new websites, graphics, master branding schemas, and setting up WP Engine cloud server infrastructure to scale the web properties. He has provided UI/UX design for the TIME AI consumer application in development, consulted on video production and marketing, advised on the core systems architecture planning and scalability, engaged in business development, presented plans to Advisory Board Members, and more. 

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Thanks to groundbreaking and recent discoveries in Mathematics and Quantum Physics, Crown Sterling delivers a new era of encryption technology to end the battle over costly data breaches and exploitive practices with your information.

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TIME AI™ is a dynamic non-factor based quantum encryption utilizing multidimensional encryption technology including time, music’s infinite variability, artificial intelligence, and most notably mathematical constants to generate entangled key pairs.