Crown Sterling

After receiving a letter revealing a pattern in prime numbers to infinity from Robert Edward Grant, one of the Faculty Members in his Resonance Academy online LMS platform, Adam Apollo ascertained that this would have a huge impact on the world’s standard of encryption: RSA. The ability to easily identify large prime numbers, and subsequently factor them, makes any prime or factor based encryption obsolete.

Joining Crown Sterling, Adam Apollo set out with Grant to build a new encryption system that will completely replace the global standard encryption used across all banking and finance, personal email and passwords, and nearly every sector of online security. The mission and vision of the company was forged by Adam Apollo’s personal insights and embodies his commitment to Data Sovereignty for all.

The new encryption system is known as TIME AI, a 5-dimensional dynamic key oscillator which creates up to 1 billion private key pairs per second, changes across infinite octaves of music, leverages mathematical constants, requires triple authentication, and is theorized to be completely quantum computer proof.

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