Access Granted, Inc.

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UPDATE: Access Granted, Inc. is currently a dormant company with considerable IP assets. It will be reactivated when Adam Apollo begins developing physical learning facilities across the globe following the growth of his online education platforms.


Access Granted is dedicated to providing integrative resources across fields of technology, holistic health, and environmental sustainability. Through advanced facilities and online technology enabling media production, entertainment, communications, and a diverse series of educational offerings, Access Granted is poised to create the technical college of the future. Designed to encourage local economic growth, while enhancing vocational and leadership skills in students and clients, Access Granted is a fuel source for generating progressive leaders in global society, and local communities.

Each aspect of Access Granted acts as a module; components can be implemented and developed separately or in conjunction with each other. Like an organism, the systems are designed to interface and enhance each other symbiotically, and the full vision of Access Granted begins to emerge when all components are operational. Years of economic, social, and environmental research inspired by the whole-systems work of visionaries like Buckminster Fuller (Synergetics), Thomas Berry (The Universe Story), Teilhard de Chardin (The Phenomenon of Man), and Janine Benyus (Biomimicry) are inherent throughout the Access Granted model.

Access Granted is looking for investment, grants, or conscious capital contributions to enable the development of its revolutionary educational institutions and online resources. Dedicated to remaining ethically transparent in all its operations, Access Granted will return substantial capital to contributors and investors, as well as donate a portion of its profits to projects that will aid in developing local and international socially responsible and sustainable practices. Its systems are designed not only to provide benefits and services to communities, but also to produce considerable profits.


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August 8, 2003