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Adam Apollo is available for speaking at conferences, festivals, events, and is also available for appearances on teleseminars, radio and television shows.  With a fleet of websites, networks and marketing outlets that currently (June 2012) receive over 10,000 page views a month, as well as thousands of direct and active community supporters, Adam can not only bring a powerful and inspiring presentation to your stage, he can also help you market your event.

“I guarantee it will be one of the most inspiring and activating sessions you’ve ever had with a coach or speaker.”

Bringing an array of expertise to the table, Adam Apollo has done talks at conferences and summits on topics ranging from epigenetics (as a Board Member of the BioVision 2020 GMO awareness campaign) to the future of human technology (at Universities) to super-hero leadership capacities for planetary change (at the White House).  He has extensive Business Development experience with a suite of companies, so he can easily adapt the style and format of his articulation to suit the audience.

In addition, Adam Apollo is able to create workshops that follow-up on his presentation content to help focus and channel the energy generated during his talks.  Leading workshops for small groups, or crowds of hundreds, Adam has been leading practical application based sessions for over 10 years.  He also leads full-day (and three-day) Jedi Training Intensives and Galactic Initiations, for those interested in metaphysical self-development practices, stepping into the path of purpose, or developing highly refined and practical leadership skills for your audience, team, friends, or organization.

Prior to your event, Adam Apollo can also offer you a strategy session by phone to make sure you’re using the highest-leverage marketing possible, and consult you on techniques to gain greater traction with your audience.


Next Generation Leadership
at the White House

Nexus Global Summit
at the United Nations NYC

International Symposium on Digital Earth
ISDE5 San Francisco, Gala Keynote: 500+

Society for Scientific Exploration: 200+
Conference on Galactic Civilizations

Sonic Bloom 2010-2012: 500+
Lightning in a Bottle 2011-2012: 400+

Burning Man 2006-2011: 300+
Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress
Humanities Lecture Auditorium – UNCA
Dreamtime Festival 2006-2008: 100+
Earth Dance N. California 2007-09

*Attendees per Workshop or Presentation

Standard Rates & Offerings:

Keynote Presentation:
includes audio/visual aids and experience design
$2000 plus transportation, lodging, VIP access

Large Audience Presentation: 
without visual projections, includes up to 2 hours
$1000 plus transportation, lodging, VIP access

Integrative Learning Experience:
adds one 2 hour workshop to the engagement
$500 plus one of the options above

Standard Workshop Only
per 2 hour workshop slot or session
$1000 plus transportation, lodging, VIP access

Full Day Training Intensive
per 6-8 hour workshop intensive
$3000 plus transportation, food, lodging, VIP access

Three Day Training Retreat
18-20 total teaching hours
$5000 plus transportation, food, lodging VIP access

Radio Slot
call in Radio with flexible timeslot
FREE with promotion of my projects

TV Show Slot
in-studio TV filming for public distribution
FREE with promotion, transportation and lodging

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You can also contact Adam Apollo  to discuss possibilities.


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