It is our honor and pleasure to share our wedding video with you. The fantastic artistry of Galen Oakes is apparent in both the filming and edit, and we are happy to admit that it was worth the wait (it only took him a year to release)!

We are continually moved by each of you, our Soul Family and Friends, who bring the brightest sparkles and most colorful radiance into every corner of our lives. We love you all so much… Look how beautiful you are.

Special thanks to Chef Carlo Cavallo for the amazing dinner, to Sheri and Peter for the beautiful venue, to Gita Salem for co-designing Adam’s Galactic Tux with him and having it made, to Kathleen Crowley & Black Lotus Clothing for the co-creation of Ka’s beautiful wedding jacket, to Adam’s father James Walsh for the magnificent ministry, to Ka’s father David Rogers (in Heaven) who helped to cover most of the wedding expenses, to Matt Jacobs for true brotherhood and epic post-wedding assistance, to Ka’s mom Susan Rogers, Adam’s mom Julia Stephens, Sebastian Malm, Justice, Chrysta Bell, James & Tommy, Robin, Lila, Lynx and Marya, all of our incredible Knights and Priestesses, and You. You know who you are, rocking that music, dancing that dance, loving and making magic everywhere you go.

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